Wireless USB -
cross-platform sync.

Wireless USB lets you use your Android device from your computer as if it were a USB flash drive - but wirelessly!


Wireless USB lets you access your Android device from any computer - no more hassle with cables, no Wi-Fi hotspot, no Internet access necessary!


It works at the full speed that WiFi offers - but you don't need a Wi-Fi network because Wireless USB will create one for you if needed!


Use Wireless USB to transfer data between your Android device and Windows computer. Mac and Linux coming soon!

How to get Wireless USB

Get the Android app

The Wireless USB app is what turns your Android phone/ tablet into a wireless USB flash drive you can use from your computer.

Download Wireless USB for Android

Get the desktop app

Although this is optional, the desktop app makes your life easier by autodetecting nearby Wireless USB installations.

Download Wireless USB for Desktop

Transfer files

And that's it - once a connection is setup, you can already start transferring files back and forth your Android device and computer!


Do I need the desktop client to use the Android app?

No, but the desktop client makes your life way easier by autodetecting a nearby Wireless USB device and offering a connection to it. Also, the desktop client will soon be able to transfer data from PC to PC as well!

Do I need Wi-Fi to use Wireless USB?

No, Wireless USB works everywhere: When there's no Wi-Fi available, Wireless USB will create one for you! Simply connect to the Wi-Fi network created by Wirelesss USB from any other computer and you can access your phone or tablet anywhere

When will the PC-to-PC and Android-to-Android sharing features be available?

We're working hard on it! For the time being, you can already use the shoutr app for sharing Android-to-Android with your friends!